CFF Foam Caddis

This is my first tutorial. It’s for a general pattern for adult caddis dry flies and can be adopted for any size or colour. This particular version is deadly for trout in Swedish streams and rivers during hot summer days when a small grey caddis can emerge and swarm in large quantities. These days trout can be particularly selective in their feeding but this pattern seems to be working well. There’s no point for a fly to look realistic and pretty, if it doesn’t float correctly and actually catch a lot of fish. This pattern was developed particularly with this in mind.

  1. Dean said:

    Very Nice fly. I really enjoy fishing caddis. I like the use of the foam for wings, one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ sort of thing. On smaller patterns though I would think the 1 mm foam might be too bulky; perhaps some thinner razor foam might do the trick, and maybe medallion sheeting instead of swiss straw to enhance its durability? Maybe? At any rate, I am going to try this one out on my bench, and hopefully fish them very soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks,

      I’ve never been able to get my hands on medallion sheeting, but from other videos I’ve seen, I’m sure it will work great. The innovation here is really the lamination and cutting the groove to get a proper V-shape which is what I wanted to share. Other than that there are endless ways one can vary this fly and improve it even further.

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