The new SAGE Method

SAGE has just recently introduced a new fast action rod, the Method. I own a Winston LT5 #3 which I used for dry flies and micro-nymphing with small indicators and a SAGE ONE #3 which pretty much works for everything else. Although I can, during ideal conditions (no wind, freshly cut grass lawn, a cheerleading squad) cast up to 30 m with the SAGE ONE (floating TT line #3/4), I do have to say it’s a bit swing heavy and lacks some feeling. This seems to be a general opinion amongst other as well, based on what I have read on the internet.

Today I went to my local fly fishing shop and they were all excited about having got the first SAGE method rods ( We quickly went out on the grass to try a #4 with a RIO Gold #4. It was windy so it was hard to tell just how far this rod could cast, but I can tell you already now, I’ve never felt anything like this (may have to do with lot with the fact that I haven’t tried all that many rods yet). First of all, the swing weight was much lighter than my ONE #3 which is a full class lighter. Secondly, I could shoot out line having just a couple of meters outside the rod tip! While ultimately a fast action rod, being able to shoot at that short distances means being able to use long leaders and still get them out straight to the fish making it ideal in almost any situation. And together with the light feeling I have no doubt this is going to be a real winner! The only down side would be the risk of snapping of light tippets, but with #4 and a bit of awareness and practise I don’t see this being a problem either. It’s a shame it doesn’t exist in #3, as I am ultimately a lightweight geek…

I also had a quick go at the Hardy Test 7’6 #4 2pc (, and it was also very nice – smooth and accurate on short distances – though short and stubby as one can expect from a glass fibre rod. Lastly I felt the Winston BIIt #4 in my hand and it felt almost like my Winston LT5 #3, which probably means it’s a bit slower. No doubt about it though, I am a Winston fan and I may build myself a new Winston at some point soon. I just need to decide which one. The BIIIx looks promising but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.


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